Elias: One Year Old

February 15, 2022  •  1 Comment

One of the things that comes with being a professional photographer is, unfortunately, not having the time to take as many pictures for yourself. Over the last year though, I've somehow managed to unpack the DSLR at least once a month for some images of Elias and our family. That's not to say that they all got edited right away, but during off season I've finally been able to (mostly!) catch up.

This year has been so many things, and a blog entry can't really even scratch the surface of how special, hard, and life altering it has all been. As we make the transition to toddlerhood, I'm also taking some time to reflect on the moments that have made up this last year. Below are a few favorite images from newborn to now!


Winnie Stone(non-registered)
Great photos! And just as I remember with our daughter, one can see Elias's eyes open more and more to the world as he gets older.
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